WordPress Custom Posts

WordPress 3.0 has introduced the ability to create a Custom Post type. Custom Post types allow you to generate a post which can collect more than just a title and block of text. This example is used for a cat breeder and allow them to list (blog style) the cats theat they have available. By having each of the data fields stored individually you can then, through your theme files, create a custom layout for the content.

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a process of getting a web site listing to the top of the list in a search engine result and thus improving volume or quality of traffic to a web site. The most popular of these search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL and ASK.

Most search engines rank a site using many criteria. These criteria include page content (word on the page) , meta data (data stored in the page to explain what the page is about) and also the number of times that other sites link to the site.
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I want a web site – where do I start

What a web site is not

A web site is not:

  • the beginning and end of your marketing/sales strategy.
  • a once off effort
  • automatically going to be seen by millions
  • going to be number 1 in your search engine without effort

A web site is:

  • an enabler for business transactions
  • a generator of business contacts/leads
  • a provider of information to existing clients
  • a marketing tool

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What can a web site do for me

What can it do

  • A web site can communicate to a world wide audience 24/7.
  • A web site can be an information source that you can direct your customers to so they can research in more depth your products, services and knowledge.
  • A web site can provide a centralized communication tool to keep in touch with customers and members that are geographically separated.
  • A web site can be your store front
  • A web site can offer opinion
  • A web site can offer remote collaboration
  • A URL (web site address) should be on every piece of marketing material you have. (Business Cards, Letter Head, Flyers, Brochures, Signage etc). No point in having a web site an no one knows about it

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