What can a web site do for me

What can it do

  • A web site can communicate to a world wide audience 24/7.
  • A web site can be an information source that you can direct your customers to so they can research in more depth your products, services and knowledge.
  • A web site can provide a centralized communication tool to keep in touch with customers and members that are geographically separated.
  • A web site can be your store front
  • A web site can offer opinion
  • A web site can offer remote collaboration
  • A URL (web site address) should be on every piece of marketing material you have. (Business Cards, Letter Head, Flyers, Brochures, Signage etc). No point in having a web site an no one knows about it

Basic Site Types

Business Card

The most basic web site is an extension of a simple business card, business name, contact details and basic brand image.

The business card site offers some extras over an actual business card in that it can provide improved imagery, simple product descriptions and is available 24/7. In general you should also have access to email services with you domain name (info@companyx.com.au)

Information Site

This type of site extends from the business card sit to include much more information about you products and services but falls short in offering actual payments online.

E-Commerce Site

This type of site is dedicated to the online sale of products and services.

Intranet Site

An intranet is very similar to the internet except and can only be seen within the computer network of a single company.

An intranet allows for business information, communication and community to develop across workers who may be geographically of time shifted from other staff members.